Fairy valley is the place where fantasy and reality intertwine. Fairy tales and fairy characters introduce you to the world of magic here. The heroes narrate the nature, what’s exciting and fascinating through the fairy tales and fantasy.

 Fairy valley  is the home of fantasy and creativity based on the books and publications by Edita Lei: “Fairy tales from Mistyland”, “Mistyland Fairy spells”, “Fairy melodies” and “A letter to a Fairy”.

All the books are illustrated with the images of dolls, houses and particulars handmade by the author. You may find the book characters, fairies, gnomes and elves in a 300 square meters fantastic space where you will feel like in a fairylike forest...

 We invite you to an interactive performance on weekends when the story of the book becomes a real adventure. Children can free their fantasy during our creative workshops and invent fairy houses-lanterns, fairies, charms and much more. This kind of activity promotes children’s imagination, fine motor skills and a different perception of beauty either. We tell children how characters, illustrations and stories are born. We teach and encourage them to create.

 We organise creative and fairy-tale-themed birthday parties for 6 – 14-year olds children.

 Our goal is to wide open the gates of children imagination and dreams.

Or recital immerses you in a different world providing space for imagination.

 So welcome to the  Fairy valley miracles happen every day!